always possible podcasts are extraordinary trips into new ideas about leadership, technology, culture and business.

The Possibility Club is a series of friendly chats where smart people talk about big ideas. Leaders from around the world - in business, politics, culture and charity - discuss how to make places better, how creativity and innovative thinking can change things, and how everything is connected in a series of systems. It's like eavesdropping in a coffee shop to the most extraordinary thinkers and doers.

The Brighton Paradox is all about Brighton & Hove, a messy, playful, complex city by the sea. This podcast looks at the good and the tricky parts of living, working and getting by in Brighton. Leaders from the city share stories about the first 20 years of city status - and what this means for its economy, culture and identity in the 21st century. It’s an audio walk around the city, hearing from those who care about it and want to solve its puzzles.

Both podcasts are made by always possible and Lo Fi Arts.

always possible is a special kind of consultancy. We are project advisers, designers and evaluators for senior leaders. Transforming messy ideas and low engagement into long-term impact. Using data and problem-solving to develop thriving people and places

At always possible, we empower the trailblazers, the curious, the brave.

We believe in a future where professional teams stand unshaken, aligning their commercial growth ambitions with tangible impact and real human needs.

We envision a world where every organisation, regardless of sector, possesses the agency, capacity, and confidence to be seen and understood. For the positive change they create. And for where they create it.

Our commitment to economic growth, social resonance, and sustainable, ethical business isn’t a mere philosophy – it’s a series of practical research, strategy and communication tools, carefully integrated and transparent.

We’re here to help build a digital-first world, in which technology simply helps us to have better lives as humans. 

We’re here for life long learning and permanent curiosity and upskilling.

We’re here to inspire and amplify leaders from businesses, charities, and public services to embrace not just courage – but ‘practical bravery,’. Turning complex challenges into clear paths forward. To collaborate within an ecosystem. To show others how to do it.

And with awesome biscuits.

It is always possible with biscuits.