The Brighton Paradox: LOOK UP!
The Brighton ParadoxMay 29, 2023x
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The Brighton Paradox: LOOK UP!

In this penultimate episode, we look at how the city wanting to attract big business and London money - is also the city pioneering the weird, small, experimental ideas that are often best scaled-up elsewhere And we try to answer the following questions:
  • Where does leadership come from in Brighton & Hove?
  • What kind of leadership is needed to get things done?
  • Do we need a mayor or stronger networks with teeth to make change?
  • Should Brighton be more of a regional leader as a city?
Featured contributors: Useful links: // Silicon Brighton Leaders // Greater Brighton Credits: An always possible podcast ( In collaboration with Lo Fi Arts ( and Plus X Innovation Hubs ( Supported by Brighton & Hove Albion FC ( Written and presented by: Richard Freeman Produced and edited by: Chris Thorpe Tracey Production support by: Ian Lauder Project management by: Stephanie Danvers, Molly Boyer, Annie-Marie Page and the always possible team Podcast artwork by: Meg Fenn Project partners: UnitedUs ( The University of Brighton's Help To Grow Management programme ( Silicon Brighton ( Alirity ( Media and communications by: Sussex Business Times ( Fox & Bear ( Uschi Schomig Original music by: Fatboy Slim ( Noraay ( Chris Thorpe Tracey (