Ageing Well: Digital Inclusion & Inclusive Design

Ageing Well: Digital Inclusion & Inclusive Design

Each of the four special Ageing Well episodes will feature discussions between researchers, community practitioners, health specialists and more, busting some of the myths that persist about ageing as well as looking at how our understanding of how to live long and happy lives is changing.

From technology to the care system, innovation product and service design to narratives about ageing - we will be exploring how to turn the problem of getting older into an opportunity for a life well lived.

This series has been developed by always possible in collaboration with the University of Sussex and in each episode, a member of the always possible team will be in conversation with an expert from the University of Sussex plus special guests.

To find out more about the whole programme, the free online events and The Possibility Club discussion circle - where people with an interest in the topic can share ideas and connect - visit

In this third episode, always possible Associate Lucy Paine discusses digital inclusion and inclusive design with Dr Ralitsa Hiteva from the University of Sussex's Science, Policy and research unit; and Social Entrepreneur, Eric Kihlstrom – with a special guest appearance from Oscar the dog!


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Ageing Well is an always possible podcast, created in collaboration with the University of Sussex with support from the Economic & Social Research Council. It is produced and edited by Chris Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts.